Getting Started with Neo blockchain

What is Neo?

Neo is a decentralized platform powered by blockchain technology, focusing on the creation and seamless integration of decentralized applications (dApps).

As an open-source initiative, Neo has contributors from all around the world.

Consensus Diagram Blockchain networks are connected and immutable

Neo’s mission

Its main mission is to redefine user-friendliness for developers in the blockchain sphere. With a comprehensive suite of development tools compatible with a variety of programming languages, Neo ensures that developers don’t have to deviate from their familiar coding environments.

This means they can effortlessly craft, compile, and implement contracts in familiar languages like C#, Python, Go, TypeScript, and Java.

In essence, Neo’s philosophy is to adapt blockchain to the developers realm rather than the other way around.

What can I do with Neo?

Neo stands out in supporting secure dApps on its blockchain. It provides tools for smart contract automation, digitizing assets, crafting digital identities, and launching new tokens.

Emphasizing interoperability, Neo ensures smooth integration with other blockchains. The N3 upgrade added features like decentralized storage, built-in oracles, and intuitive domain naming.

Covering everything from decentralized payments to transparent supply chains, Neo’s versatile capabilities make it a favorite among blockchain developers.

What can I do with my NEO and GAS?

Here’s a concise explanation of what NEO and GAS are and what you can use them for.



NEO stands out from many other cryptocurrencies because it is non-divisible, meaning the smallest transferable unit is 1 NEO and fractions like 0.5 NEO are not permissible.

Those who possess NEO have a voice in the platform’s , enabling them to vote on network modifications or the election of nodes.

On the NEO platform, holding NEO is akin to owning a “share” of the blockchain, conferring privileges such as participating in network decisions and generating GAS.

For safekeeping, NEO can be stored in a variety of digital wallets, ranging from hardware and desktop versions to certain exchanges.

This structure, combined with its advanced architecture, optimizes performance and user experience. Moreover, Neo N3 simplifies blockchain development, making it more accessible.


The dual approach distinguishes governance from network usage, ensuring users can engage without diminishing their network stake.

GAS is used for operations and storage, safeguarding node resources.

Fees for system operations are eliminated, whereas fees for network activities are given back to consensus nodes. This provides a financial motivation for them to offer their services.

If you want to know more about NEO and GAS take a look at it’s official documentation.

Why should you use the Neo network?

Neo N3 introduces a streamlined, modular architecture with enhanced governance and economics. As the first public smart contract platform from China, Neo set industry benchmarks with its dual token system, BFT consensus, and multi-language support.

Where to start?

Here on Linkd Academy you will find all you need to known to work with Neo and it’s tools.

Whether you’re new to the blockchain universe or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got you covered from the ground up.