What is Multisignature?

Multisignature, often abbreviated as multisig, refers to requiring multiple keys to authorize a transaction. It is a digital signature scheme which allows a group of users to control a single or account.

How Multisignature Works

In a multisig setup, a transaction must be authorized by more than one . For example, in a 2-of-3 multisig wallet, there are three possible keys, and at least two must be used to execute a transaction.

Benefits of Multisignature

  • Enhanced Security: Reduces the risk of a single point of failure, making it harder for unauthorized users to access funds.
  • Shared Control: Useful for organizations or groups where joint control of funds is required.
  • Backup and Recovery: In case one key is lost, the other keys can still secure access to the assets.

Use Cases in Blockchain

  • Corporate Wallets: For managing company funds requiring approvals from multiple departments.
  • Escrow Transactions: Involving a third party for secure and agreements.


  • Complexity: Setting up and managing a multisig wallet can be more complex than a standard wallet.
  • Coordination: Requires coordination among key holders, which can be challenging in some scenarios.