Creating a Private Network using Neo Express

How Neo Express Private Networks Work

uses the same codebase as the Neo blockchain, but it is designed to run on a single machine. It is a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use tool that allows you to create a private Neo blockchain network for development and testing purposes.

Creating a Private Network using Neo Express

You can interact with Neo Express either through the command line or via the VS Code Extension interface.

To set up Neo Express for your project, generate a default configuration file by running:

Alternatively, open the VS Code command palette and select “Neo Express: Create private blockchain.”

This command creates a default configuration file called default.neo-express in the current directory.

Neo Express Configuration File

By default, Neo express creates and uses a default configuration files called default.neo-express. This file contains the configuration settings for your private network. You can also create multiple configuration files for different networks.

By default, Neo Express will use the default.neo-express file in the current directory. You can specify a different configuration when using Neo Express commands by using the -i or --input option.

We recommend you use a single configuration file and store it in the root directory of your project.

Neo Express Commands

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