Installing Neo Express on Windows, macOS and Linux

Certainly, let’s make it more concise.

What is Neo Express?

is a development-optimized privatenet for the Neo Blockchain. It lets you develop, test, and deploy without spending GAS. Its local environment offers more freedom to manipulate the network, making development more efficient.


Ensure you’ve installed the .NET SDK 6.0. If not, refer to our previous articles on installing it for Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Installing Neo Express using the command line

Open a terminal or Command Prompt and run:

Checking if Neo Express was installed

Verify the installation with:

You should see a version number like 3.5.22+0a3af80da3.

Next Steps

Once you have Neo Express installed, you can use it to create a private network, deploy smart contracts, and more. Check the following articles to learn more: