Neo3-boa CLI

The compile command

Currently, Neo3-boa has only one ‘compile’ command for compiling a smart contract and generating the NEF and manifest files.

This command requires one mandatory argument, which is the path to the .py file, and it also has six flags:

  • -db, --debug : It also generates the necessary file for debugging the smart contract;

  • --project-path PROJECT_PATH :Indicates the project’s path;

if not provided, the directory where the contract is located is considered.

  • -e ENV, --env ENV: an environment variable that you can set via the CLI;

  • -o NEF_OUTPUT, --output-path NEF_OUTPUT: You can change the name and path of the compiled smart contract’s output. If not specified, the files will be generated in the same directory as the smart contract and will have the same name as the smart contract.

  • --no-failfast: If this flag is used, then the compiler does not stop after the first error and analyzes everything until the end of the file.

  • --log-level LOG_LEVEL: Indicates which types of error messages will be displayed while compiling the smart contract.

NeoSmart ContractCompile