Is a Uniswap Integration with Neo Possible?

Jun 18, 2024 7:29:51 AM

Uniswap is the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in the world. Due to technology differences, this integration was impossible. However, this will change with Neo X, the new $NEO $GAS planned to be released between Q3 and Q4 this year.

This integration could significantly benefit both platforms, creating a more robust and secure ecosystem for traders and developers.

The Motivation Behind Uniswap’s Potential Expansion to Neo

Uniswap has established itself as the leading DEX, responsible for a significant portion of the trading volume on Ethereum. However, trades are being manipulated by bots and corrupt validator nodes.

These malicious actors exploit the visibility of pending transactions to their advantage, reordering transactions to extract as much value as possible at the user’s cost. These ‘attacks’ are currently the most significant issue on DeFi.

Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) attacks, especially sandwich attacks, have become alarmingly frequent. Studies show that over 60% of recent Ethereum blocks have at least one sandwich trade.


This highlights the need for enhanced security measures in DeFi platforms, and Neo-X has a significant advantage in this area: protection against MEV bots.

Addressing the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) attacks would be the major motivation for Uniswap’s potential expansion to Neo.

The MEV Problem and Neo X’s Solution

Neo X addresses this issue with enveloped transactions and single-block finality. Enveloped transactions hide the details of transactions in the memory pool, the temporary holding area where transactions await confirmation.

With single-block finality, transactions are confirmed and finalized within a single block, eliminating the risk of reordering or rollback. This technology significantly enhances trade security and avoids most types of external interference.

Combining enveloped transactions and single-block finality makes Neo X attractive for Uniswap users and other decentralized exchange platforms.

Neo X EVM Compatibility

Neo X’s compatibility with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) enables such integration. The EVM is the environment used by the Ethereum network and is responsible for processing smart contract transactions and scripts.

By being EVM-compatible, the new Neo X network can seamlessly integrate with existing Ethereum-based projects and tools, making it a viable option for Uniswap, which already supports multiple EVM chains.

Uniswap Benefits for Neo Users

By integrating with Uniswap, Neo could offer its users access to a broader range of assets and trading pairs. EVM’s ecosystem includes a variety of unique tokens and projects that are unavailable on Neo. Equally, Neo’s tokens aren’t currently available on Uniswap. This diversity could attract more traders and providers to Uniswap and Neo.

Furthermore, Neo’s competitive transaction fees could make trading on Uniswap more cost-effective. Ethereum’s high gas fees have been a major pain point for DeFi users, often making small trades prohibitively expensive.

Additionally, Neo X’s new properties would make trading on Uniswap more secure and fair, protecting users against MEV attacks and other forms of manipulation.

Impact on Neo’s Ecosystem

The potential integration of Uniswap with Neo could lead to a considerable increase in network activity, bringing billions in trading volume to the Neo platform. This influx of activity could have several positive effects on Neo’s ecosystem.

The increased trading volume would increase demand for GAS, Neo’s primary token. GAS is used to pay transaction fees and execute smart contracts on the Neo network. As more users and transactions come to Neo, the demand for GAS would increase, potentially driving up its price. This could create a positive feedback loop, where higher GAS prices attract more attention and investment to the Neo ecosystem.

Moreover, the only way to generate GAS is by holding Neo, the network’s native token. This means that as demand for GAS increases, so too will the demand for Neo tokens. This could result in a significant price appreciation for Neo, benefiting existing holders and attracting new investors.

Additionally, the integration would help to address one of Neo’s longstanding challenges: isolation. Despite its advanced technology, Neo has struggled to achieve the same level of adoption and integration as other major blockchains.

By integrating with Uniswap, Neo would gain exposure to more diverse projects. This could drive greater adoption and usage of the Neo network, enhancing its overall ecosystem. The Neo team has already announced some partnerships with EVM projects, but Uniswap would be much more significant. That will require a lot of work and negotiations.

Challenges and Political Partnerships

While the technical aspects of integrating Uniswap with Neo are promising, several challenges need to be addressed. One of the most significant is the need for political partnerships and agreements.

Despite its technical advantages, Neo is not the only EVM-compatible chain looking for Uniswap’s attention. Other chains, such as Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon, have partnered with Uniswap, offering similar features and benefits. Strategic partnerships and agreements will be necessary to convince Uniswap to integrate with Neo.

These partnerships could involve collaborations with major DeFi projects, exchanges, and other key stakeholders in the crypto space. By building a strong network of partners, Neo can enhance its appeal and demonstrate its potential as a valuable addition to Uniswap’s multi-chain ecosystem.

Additionally, Neo will need to address potential competition from its ecosystem. Projects like Flamingo and CarrotSwap, set to launch on Neo X, could be seen as competitors to Uniswap. However, rather than viewing these projects as competition, Neo could position Uniswap’s integration as a complementary addition that enhances the overall DeFi ecosystem on Neo.

By offering a diverse range of DEX options, Neo can provide solutions for different types of traders and liquidity providers, creating a more robust and dynamic trading environment.

Immediate Steps for Neo

Neo should take several immediate steps to facilitate Uniswap’s integration. Firstly, the successful release and operation of Neo X are crucial. The network must demonstrate its technical capabilities and reliability to attract major projects like Uniswap.

Secondly, Neo should continue to pursue strategic partnerships and collaborations. By aligning with key stakeholders in the DeFi and crypto space, Neo can enhance its appeal and demonstrate its potential as a valuable addition to Uniswap’s multi-chain ecosystem.

Finally, Neo should focus on promoting its unique features and benefits. Highlighting the advantages of Neo X’s technology, competitive fees, and diverse ecosystem can help to differentiate Neo from other EVM-compatible chains and make a compelling case for Uniswap’s integration.


The potential integration of Uniswap with Neo presents many opportunities and challenges. Neo X’s advanced technology and Uniswap’s extensive user base could significantly enhance both platforms. However, successful integration will require strategic political partnerships and community support. If realized, this integration could mark a milestone for the Neo platform, driving long-term growth and innovation in the ecosystem.

By addressing the challenges and leveraging its unique strengths, Neo can position itself as a leading player in the DeFi space, attracting major projects and enhancing its overall ecosystem. The potential benefits for both Uniswap and Neo are immense, and the successful integration could have far-reaching implications for the broader DeFi space.

The next steps for Neo will be critical in determining the success of this integration. By focusing on technical reliability, strategic partnerships, community engagement, and effective promotion, Neo can enhance its appeal and demonstrate its potential as a valuable addition to Uniswap’s multi-chain ecosystem. The future of DeFi is multi-chain, and Neo is one of the most traditional blockchain networks.

Additional Speculation and Market Impact

Could Neo and GAS be on the brink of a 5x or 10x price increase? The market data suggests accumulation patterns, indicating growing interest and potential for a significant price move.

In the past, GAS experienced a spike influenced by the announcement of Neo X’s launch and an error on CoinMarketCap showing a supply of 10 million instead of the correct 65 million. This wasn’t a positive situation, but it suggests the market’s sensitivity to developments within the Neo ecosystem. It highlights the potential for significant price movements with positive news.

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