Artificial Intelligence

Apr 28, 2024 1:13:57 AM

The launch of ChatGPT in late 2022 marked a groundbreaking revolution in the utilization of artificial intelligence by the general public. While the study of AI is not a novel concept, it has witnessed remarkable advancement in the past decade, particularly with the advent of deep learning and the introduction of large language models.

Models like chatGPT can comprehend natural language in multiple idioms, instead of solely interpreting pre-defined programming languages. Built upon extensive pre-training and textual inputs, such models can understand written content and respond highly accurately to queries. These models are already being utilized for automation purposes in various fields, such as content generation, text analysis, chatbots, and more.

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can converge in various aspects. The deep learning capability to identify patterns within large amounts of data can aid in preventing attacks and malicious behavior. Thus, AI is poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing blockchain security. It can also be employed to identify potential bugs in smart contracts before their deployment and assist wallets in detecting attempts of account manipulation through malicious scripts.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence is expected to be a central ingredient in the emergence of the metaverse. The process of rendering graphics is a major hurdle in achieving a metaverse with realistic characteristics. Even the most potent video processors cannot render environments with precise details, especially when multiple users interact simultaneously. The predictive power of artificial intelligence can be harnessed to anticipate what needs to be rendered in advance or with higher priority.

One of the current use cases of artificial intelligence in web3 lies in generative art, a method of generating visual content through autonomous systems and algorithms. This art form has been utilized to create collectibles such as NFTs, where a few predetermined structures serve as seeds to generate thousands of visually distinct artworks.

It is still early to determine the true impact of artificial intelligence in the blockchain environment and society as a whole. However, blockchain and AI are not antagonistic technologies but complementary ones. AI’s analytical and predictive power will be instrumental in taking blockchain technology to the next level.