How to Get Neo N3 TestNet GAS

Apr 28, 2024 1:13:57 AM

Deploying a Smart Contract to the N3 TestNet

The N3 TestNet is a network that allows developers to test their before deploying them to the MainNet.

TestNet uses $NEO and $GAS tokens that are not real. They are used for testing purposes only. Deploying a contract to TestNet allows you and other developers, wallets and explorers to interact with it.

Requesting TestNet GAS

Deploying a smart contract requires 10 $GAS. You can request it using the Faucet or Discord. You can only request $GAS once every 24 hours.

Requesting TestNet GAS using the Faucet

  • Visit the faucet website.
  • Enter your address.
  • Authenticate your request using your GitHub
  • Click on “Request GAS”

Requesting TestNet GAS using Discord

  • Download and Install Discord.
  • Join Neo’s Discord server.
  • Activate the builder role in the #roles channel.
  • Visit the development-resources channel and click on the Refuel button.
  • In the popup, enter your TestNet address and click on “Submit”.

Wait a few seconds, and you will receive the TestNet GAS in your wallet. Your wallet should reflect the new balance.

If the balance doesn’t update, double-check that your wallet is using the TestNet and that you are using the correct address. r